Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aberrations of Vanity

Sometimes all of us are just pretending that we are happy.Deep inside something burns us,consumes us but we still hide all of it and pretend.We hide from ourselves from others.The Notion of Exhaustion that comes over once we wear ourselves to the intense pressure and gravity of what we hold inside is like a ticking bomb.It explodes once it's ignited.It hurts everyone around you,making you even more evil.The Chance to explain way past.So are you then Happy,or at least gained what you set out to achieve in the first place or lost some thing in addition to what you could have. This Cosmic flow of energy that we build our lives around is not going to be stopped by one man's pertinence or abstinence.What has to happen will happen.The truth shall be revealed,Justice will be served, Silence will be heard.Those who does wrong for the sake of what he or she believes to be right and ultimately it's wrong because what you do to make it right is invariably wrong because what's true is only true in it's true essence and when you contaminate it with your rights and wrongs you are wrong.People think you are crazy.But it's only normal to be crazy in a crazy in a Crazy world.The Fear of Losing hope is the Ultimate fear one encounters in his life.the Point break of sanity,the tipping point of heightened tensions and then you fall if you can't hold on.I don't think no one will be waiting for us on the other side other than the Sheer Luminescence of Darkness and the Vagueness of Hopelessness in between luck and loss.The Smog and the Stench welcomes you to your place in this Side what's the other side.Be contented with what you have.Or else there's nothing's left.