Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's show this Prehistoric Bitch how we do things Downtown!!!

First of all ,the first time i came to hear about Ghostbusters was when they aired the cartoon series in Sony entertainment channel.i din't know there was a movie on which it was based.and then one day i was googling for the funniest movie ever made and i landed on ign's best comedy list,on which this movie was ranked #1.i wonder what made this movie so funny,even though the answer is pretty clear ,Bill Murray.I loved his performance in Groundhog day,another Harold Ramis movie,but Ghost Busters was directed by Ivan Reitman.The Movie wasn't that hilarious to me,may be i watched it with over the top expectations.But still it was enjoyable.An interesting mixture of comedy and horror,the movie has it's share of Comic and Scary moments.Sigourney weaver was hot,especially when she's possessed by the demon.Rick moranis was good as the geek desperately behind weaver.The rest cast was OK,.But i have to say the movie was pretty much an average affair for me.May be i should have it watched it back in the 80's.I would have enjoyed it a lot back then.

Zombies and the Rules!!!!

Zombie horror has now become a thing of the Past with Zombie Comedy taking over it's place."Shaun of the Dead" the first one of the ROM_COM_ZOM movies was pretty fun with Simon Pegg and some cheesy lines.Zombieland is something along the same lines with Jesse Eisenberg of "Adventureland" ,with some Humor,Bullets and Romance.Zombieland has got it's own unique,interesting set of Rules to be surviving in it i have to say,they're reasonable.The Cardios,the Precautions are infact serious points when it comes to surviving in a Zombie world.The Movie in itself is an elaboration and derivation of "Shaun of the Dead.It has nothing new to offer when it comes to Zom flicks.A Funny take at not so funny things.What's more interesting?I hated the lead guy,he was kind of irritating .May be he's supposed to be that.But i loved Woody Harrelson.He was awesome and so was Bill Murray.His cameo was well placed when the movie had nowhere to go and was pretty much a distraction course or fillers.Whole in whole,it's just another one of those movies where you switch off your brains and let the Eyes Wide Open.