Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Good the Bad and the Ugly!

I Remember my Uncle ,who had just returned from Malaysia after more than 20 years there,with a Brand new Sony DVD player and a collection of CD's.Me being a movie freak couldn't wait to get my hands on it.In that collection there was one CD with a cover of a bearded man with a Cigar and horses.It looked pretty old movie,but there was something to it.I opened the case.There were 3 cd's ,indicating the length of the movie.So i kept it back because i was planning on watching Batman and Robin original DVD that came with the player as a gift and i haven't watched a dvd before and was curious about what was the experience like.But the elders all wanted to watch The Good the Bad and the Ugly and i was angry at them .Old people and their Old movies,this Nostalgia thing always made it's presence felt when most unneeded.OS anyway my uncle slid the cd into the player and we all waited eagerly looked into the screen waiting....
The Music...that was that first hooked me or to be precise sucked me into it...simple,hummable yet elegant....the Hero...deadly Cool,the villain venomous,the ugly..the funny man.Everything picture perfect.The Locations,the gunfights,the dialogues...untill that time i hadn't seen a movie that had evrything in the right amounts and there it was playing it right out in my eyes one of the best movies of all time.Sergio Leone,back then i thought was an American.And i didn't know Nothing about Spaghetti westerns.The MGM roaring lion at the beginning led me to think it was an American movie made in Hollywood.