Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Next Generation Malayalam Movies!

The Whole Malayalam movie scenario has come a long way .From the evergreen classic "Chemmeen" to the latest flick "Sagar alias Jackey" ,movies made in Malayalam are on a road to transition. For the past Twenty years ,Malayalam cinema was about recycling.An Industry dominated by super heroes and super directors.For eg we have the same people making movies today who made movies twenty years before.And the actors  with their fan bases behind them had become a commodity rather than creative.Nobody goes to the theatres nowadays solely for the reason that every single movie made doesn't have anything to offer new.It's always the same old story.What i don't understand is in this era of globalisation,when you can sit in your home ,download whatever movie you want from whichever part of the world, you have our movies with story of the hero ,the Heroine and the Villain.Diverse themes is what we need right now and also a different way of telling things.Of the good things that has happened to Malayalam cinema the best things are Amal Neerad,Roshan Andrews,Blessy .This trio for me is the landmarks of good cinemas in Malayalam.But speaking of Amal's latest offering "Sagar alias Jackey" ,i was honestly dejected.The Movie had a shitload of style without a convincing story base.I thoroughly enjoyed Big B,for it's Freshness,Style,Funny cool one liners which was missing in SAJ.But i would contribute that shortcomings to script writer S.N.Swamy the writer of the original.With all due respect i think h is outdated and when these two teams up i think you wont expect a good result.Amal's stylishness doesn't go with Swami's Substance Di Old.Mohanlal was good but certain scenes reminded his age.Blessy is a magician whose playground is not style but substance.I Still can feel the pinch i felt in my heart after watching Thanmatra.Kazcha had this raw smell of the Kuttanad and Calcutta News was a bold attempt and different.The way he plys with the tiny little emotions is magnificient and his way of storytelling  absorbs you as a whole with feeling for every single character.I remeber the Climax of Palunku,which made me feel a numb pain my nerves even after the movie ended.That kind a magic i something i have never felt before and that's Blessy.I'm looking forward to Bramaram fingers crossed.Udayananu Tharam was simply honest.This simple honesty was the thing that struck a chord with the audience.You could relate to every single character in the movie including the antagonist Saroj Kumar.Sreenivasan might be a veteran like S.N.Swamy but his stories are social issues and about the negative realms of Ordinary Man's thoughts. And issues like that never outdate they just switch relevance.The One thing i want from most of the comic movies  is that they don't attempt to make us laugh us instead it comes out naturally.Udayananu tharam doesn't have any sandboxed slapstics but it has a humour that has a flow ,tagging along with the nuances of daily life,the struggle,the pain,the revenge is all the way we might feel too and that's what Roshan did.He took something ,dressed it up a little and made it convincing.Even though the Climax was a liftoff from Hollywood flick Bowfinger ,i don't think it's a crime considering the fact that how many Malayalees are gonna watch Bowfinger anyway to watch that Brilliant Climax.Somethings are changing ,Malayalam cinemas is on the right path...the problem is the unavailability  of right people to lead it in the right direction.In a state where movie industry is being excessively politicised ...Macta Fefka and shit like that....let's hope that it doesn't drown this changing Art!


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