Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick 'r Treat (2007)

During my search for the best modern horror movies, this particular title kept showing up. But at that point of time, I was more inclined to New wave of French horror movies like "Inside", "Martyrs", "Ils","Frontiers" etc. and shunned this title. When I finally exhausted that resource,i decided to give this one a shot.And i have to say this is one helluva film that was criminally withheld by the Studios depriving it a proper Theatrical Release.
Michael Dougherty, the writer of Blockbusters like X-Men, Superman Returns etc takes the Director's chair in this one, with co-writer Dan Harris and director Bryan Singer helming the project.Based on the traditions of Halloween, with enough twists and turns, and really good scares,it's a good deal if you have a craving for Horror today.
The Movie is an anthology of four stories united by the ominous presence of "Sam",a kid in a Halloween costume.Stories are filled with menacing characters including werewolves,psychopaths and children. The reason i think that this movie was denied a theatrical release was it's depictions of violence involving children. May be the production companies didn't want to get itself caught in a furore with child welfare organisations.The Four stories that encompass the movie itself represents different genre of horror movies.The First story being a creature feature, the second one being about werewolves, the third one about Psychopaths, the fourth one being about ghosts.It all goes down in the town of Warren in Ohio.All of them stories has their fair share of scary moments but sometimes they are a bit slapstick reminding you of comedy horror like the cult "Evil Dead". But it doesn't back out on really gory sequences either that characterize modern day horror movies.
All in all, this movie was real fun to watch even if you are not a horror fan. There is a real slump in horror movie nowadays with fewer and fewer horror movies being made. There was a time when Theaters were scary places that took you to strange and horrific places, told you creepy tales about the dead and made you so scared you couldn't even go to the bathroom alone. Those days are long gone and replaced with loads of blood and guts. There is still hope left ,or at least that's what "Trick r Treat" has to offer.


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