Friday, January 7, 2011

Best Actor (2010)

Have you ever noticed the front cover of magazines like Vanitha and Grihalakshmi. Really beautiful women in nice clothes spotting a fake smile aided by pearl white teethes. Noticed how the entire pic relies heavily on lighting and color that glows radiantly. Well the director of the movie Mr. Martin Prakkat is one of those photographic talents who makes his big screen debut with "Best Actor" and it clearly reflects his roots in still photography as every frame is filled with vibrant colors and scenic locations accentuated by crafty camera work.
As the movie began to unfold in the silver screen, what kept my interest level up is the fact that the movie doesn't indulge in anything beyond what is required to state the obvious. Everything has a flow, a maintained pace, which is clearly a conscious effort made more clear by the fact that most of the songs has been cut short to the best parts and is not played out full. Now that's a smart move. Because i was really worried that if the movie was boring, the songs which does'nt have anything to do with carrying the plot forward would only test my patience. The Screenplay does not drop the dramatic element and comes up with smart,sensible twists and turns to turn up the conflict at the right spots. If it hadn't,the movie would have sulked in it's own mess.
The First half is well done.The second half is more of an exercise to get the movie to it's desired ending. Some embellishments do ruin the fun but you forgive the makers coz it's far better than the shit we have to put up with these days that comes under the label of Malayalam Cinema. I'm not going to elaborate on any of the plot elements coz I honestly believe this movie deserves your hard earned money if you decide to spent it on quality entertainment. The story is sweet, simple and satisfying and if i let anything out , ah that would be a bummer. The Double Climax marketing strategy is kind of an anticlimax strategy because some precious minutes at the climax is put to waste as we already know the know...that he doe....ah i'm not in the mood.Music by Biji Bal is OK and only one song remained with me and that one has been getting some heavy play in channels and radio. Cinematography, well i would say the camera is a winner and i honestly believe some heavy post prod work had been done on the color scheme. I know i'm repeating the same thing over but go see for yourself, it's extraordinarily bright and vivid.
The Performance by Mammootty is just plain superb. He proves once again he is the eponymous protagonist. First of all, the role is tailor made for him. He doesn't slack out on any of the characters requirement that would make him simple, humble and ordinary that secures the audience sentiments. There ain't much scenes in the movie without him as it revolves around him and a power lacking performance would have drained it off it's emotional effect. After all the transformations his character undergoes over the course of the movie, it relies heavily upon his intense performance. The Supporting act by Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar and Vinayakan is quite fitting but tends to overflow with some double meaning dialogues and antics. And also the hairy assistant director dude who gives Mammootty the "Oberoi Idea" is really good even though his character has only peanuts screen time, still deserves my honorable mention. They all make up for some funny times and emotional turbulence too. Lal, stands out for his charged up act, the guy is kinda being stereotyped in charged up roles, reminds me of "Thenkasipattanam" when i see him in this one. Still he is funny, in a serious way.
If you look back at the movies that came out in Malayalam Cinema in 2010, only one or two stands out of the 100+ movies that released. We are still in Dire Straits but movies like these do give us hope in the direction of better times.


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