Friday, October 22, 2010

TheBang 2010 (Dir: Abhinav Singh Kashyap)

I'm an absolute hater of the Khans and it's not merely for the reason that they have been ruling Bollywood for a very long time. It's during their reign that films of Bollywood became a mess of songs,dance,heroisms and recurring themes. If you ask what has been the contribution of the Khans to Bollywood,there wouldn't be much of an answer.They have been churning out pile of garbage movies even sometimes a rehash of their own past material.In a Country like India,where movie stars are worshipped you can't expect high class material from film makers as their primary concern is the satisfaction of the audience.Who's to blame is not the question here ,so it's better unanswered.
Dabangg is the debut of Anurag Kashyap's brother Abhinav singh Kashyap.Stylistically ,the movie reminds me a lot of 1995 Mexican Spaghetti flick "Desperado" another debut by Robert Rodriguez. A lot of flying in the air is a direct lift off of Desperado which is one of the greatest action flick ever made. The Story is better not to be mentioned as it could be summed up in one line.What stands out is the action and Sonu Sood. Salman's comic timing has never been able to make me laugh but there are some good lines that stands on it's own & not it's delivery.A Salman movie for Salman fans it's full of Salman and nothing less.The Whole flick has a Southy touch to it;most of the special effects and the action came from namma Chennai.So a movie goer from here wouldn't find the action to be that exciting because we have came over such Gravity Free action multiple times before.Over all ,the movie was a feast if you leave your brains outside and lick the frames with your eyes.That's all there is to it.


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