Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Know Who You Are !

Brad Anderson is a talented filmmaker. I had seen his "Session 9" after i found it listed in all the best horror movies of the 2000's. This earlier work of his equally good in giving the creeps. His debut movie "Next Stop Wonderland" received the Audience award at Sundance. His movies have an Hitchcockian quality to it. Christian Bale, as the Protagonist, is unbelievable. He's so thin ,i mean he scares you with his looks. The lengths to which perfectionists like Bale go to give their character life is astounding. I read somewhere he brought down his weight to 50 for the role of Reznik,while he really wanted to bring it down to 45. The film makers didn't allow him as they were concerned for his health.
Trevor Reznik works as a machinist at National Mechanics. He is suffering from insomnia for the past one year. He also suffers from malnutrition.His coworkers are concerned and suspicious of his deteriorating health. They suspect that he's taking drugs. Reznik finds solace in his prostitute friend played by Jennifer Jason Leigh and also the Airport Coffee shop waitress Maria where he's a regular customer. Things start to deteriorate when Trevor accidentally causes to start a machine on which another worker was performing maintenance. The worker loses his limb in the accident.Trevor claims he was distracted by the new worker Ivan at the welding section ,but the shop manager informs him that there is no worker by the name of Ivan working in that factory.Confused,Trevor falls in to deeper paranoia,as he receives anonymous notes on his refrigerator and is the only person aware of Ivan.He's also feels weird every time he presses his lighter receptacle in his car.The movie begins by showing Reznik rounding up a dead body in his carpet.Later he tries to dump it at sea.When you read this you yourself would be confused and that's exactly how you will feel when you watch the movie.It is told in non linear fashion accompanied by a menacing soundtrack that keeps the tension alive till the movie folds.It's one masterpiece that somehow went unnoticed.You've got to watch and i can guarantee you that you won't be disppointed.


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