Friday, October 22, 2010

Let Me Go!

Lift me up,
Let me go...
Linkin Park's new single "Catalyst" says it all;the difference being the context.There it was fear of Nuclear holocaust,here it is a son's fight against his father to pursue his dream of becoming writer.It's rather a common topic that we all come across in hoards of other movies.But it's a fresh one in Bollywood.After putting ourselves through lengthy ordeals of songs,dances & fights,Udaan is a breath of fresh air.Directed by Vikramidtya Motwane ,screenwriter of Dev D and produced by Anurag Kashyap,Udaan is the story of One boy's struggle to overcome his oppressive father to become a writer.Set in the Industrial city of Jamshedpur ,the location adds to the pale and grim shades of confinement.The movie was good,but it could have been great.What is lacking is mainly in the script.It was shot beautifully,reminds you of a cool Latin flick,with handheld camera movements and pristine images.Some scenes suffered from poor lighting,notably the scene where the Uncle consoles the protagonist after his father manhandles him.The Uncle is virtually in Dark during his dialogue delivery.Such small mistakes can question the quality of a movie that has been selected to big platforms like Cannes Un Certain Regard.The lead boy's performance was good and sometimes below par.This fluctuation hampered the emotional effect of the film especially in some feel heavy scenes.But the performances of Ronak Kapoor and the Senior,whom the boy befriends at a bar,was stellar. Ronak did well as the straight faced,emotionless,cruel,tyrant of a father embodying pure evil.The Senior was flawless in portrayal of a reckless,care free boy who likes to get into fights.The Uncle also deserves an applause for his work.The peacemaker between the father and the son,he too gets hurt by his insensitive brother.The Cinematography deserves mention too.Amit Trivedi is the next big thing in the Indian Music Industry scene after A.R.Rahman.Whenever he teams up with his buddy from the old band 'OM',Amitabh Bhattacharya,they make some incredibly good songs(Eg.Dev D).My favourite one is "Kahaani khatam hey,yaa shuruvaad" which is a haunting melody with some great lines.
I have been through similar situations in my life too.It's like being drowned every time you come up for some air.Parents in India are the worst in the world.Their interference in the lives of their children hampers the child in a unrepairable way. Brainwashed,the children inflicts the same amount of control like a pretty noose over their children too.The cycle goes on and on ,unhindered as nobody wants to mistake of going against the will of their parents.Leaving their Dreams behind, as if it was some fantasy that could have never been realized ,they all dissolve themselves into the rushes of this Crazy world.It's not Compromising your dreams for the sake of a SAFE life but it is SACRIFICE.We all have let go of something that we wanted the most at some point in our lives and regretted it later.
Udaan is the wake up call to all those who have been sleeping.The Father character is an allegory of all that things that come between you and your dream.And if you're going to overcome it,it's only by standing up and fighting for it,no matter what you have to suffer,because the suffering is exactly what makes it all worthwile.


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