Saturday, June 19, 2010


Slapstick comedy at it's best,Airplane was a fun ride.I actually had seen this title in the video rental shop where i always used to hang out digging up one of those old hollywood titles.Back then i had ignored this movie because there weren't any famous names(known to me) in it.All i know was it's a comedy.And i wasn't a big fan of comedy back then.So anyways i skipped this title then and years passed and one day i was sitting in front of my computer after watching all those horror films both old and new and was kind of getting bored.So i thought OK let's watch some funny movies .I searched the internet for some comedy titles and in all the best comedy lists i dug up Airplane was there.So why not?But one thing i'm sure of is that if you are a serious kind of person you wouldn't enjoy it.It's for the light hearted.I also have to say i didn't find the film that interesting especially after having watched all those Scary,Epic,Disaster movies ,i guess nobody would find it's jokes that funny.Back in it's days it was an Original with a New concept or take on serious films.The Character that made me really laugh was the Air Traffic controller.I don't know his name but he was the President in Hot Shots part deux.His line "I guess i chose the wrong week to quit.." was hilarious,you know the kind of joke that's a joke because of it's repetition.It's good for a few laughs that's all.


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