Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just a Little Torture!

Ichi the Killer ,another Gruesome epic by the Master of gruesome epics ,Takashi Miike. Honestly i think this movie is just an excuse to showcase some of the most brutal torture scene ever shown onscreen.I also have to admit that I'm a big fan of such movies.For me it's just a Horror movie without Ghosts or Demons.And you don't get to watch movies like this that often.The Reason that i ended up watching this movie was that i googled the most brutal movie in Cinematic history.But i didn't get a clear answer as some said that it was Cannibal Holcaust and some said it was Ichi.Since Cannibal is an old exploitation Italian flick,i wasn't that interested to watch it.And i was so hooked on to Miike's work after watching Audition ,i didn't have to think further.My final verdict is that this movie is a disappointment story wise and a blast torture wise.It's said that when this movie was premiered at the Cannes or Berlin,they distributed Barf bags to the audience as a marketing gimmick,even though actually only one threw up in it.Well the movie follows the demented Ichi and the gang leader Kakihara ,both of them on a cruel rampage killing people.Ichi being an assassin has an implanted memory by his master of a rape of a young girl while he was in school who was trying to help him from a bunch of bullies and in the efforts gets raped by them.Ichi does nothing to save her and in fact is turned on by watching them rape her.Soon he's overcome by guilt and remorse and vows to kill all them Bullies icluding ones in Society.Kakihara,on the otherhand ,is in search of his missing Boss.Kakihara wants him back real bad as he's kind of a pain Junkie and only his boss has been able to inflict pain upon him that he could really enjoy.The Movie begins with Ichi's assasination of Kakihara's Boss.The Movie then unravels in familiar expected ways as Kakihara and Ichi is led to final showdown where Ichi kills Kakihara.There is also this subplot with Takashi Miike character playing the cop who lost his gun turned Yakuza.Ichi saves his son from bullies but kills him in the end along with his son too.The Movie is sometimes confusing as to what is happening partly due to it's uneven pace and the exploration of both the killers minds which is tripping.But if you like Blood,Flesh and Screams this is not to be missed.


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