Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"All that Glitters is not Gold"

The Treasure of Sierra Madre has been a roller coaster of a movie.Not it has so many twists and turns but rather it reveals the ends our mind goes to while we're tempted with greed.Here is a man who has nothing who sets upon a quest of gold digging,who's being pushed into this endeavor by an ironical luck,as the lack of the same thing at the end of the movie leaves his body headless.A Great screenplay ,a truly fascinating performance by Walter Huston,who was just Flawless in full flow.I was surprised to find Humphrey Bogart playing the villain because i thought he was the Superstar of Hollywood at that time.I also was Shocked by his appearance at the beginning of the movie ,when his character gets a haircut.He seemed like an Aged Ghost.The one thing that i felt good of the screenplay was it's plot points that kept moving the movie forward.There was never any dull moment,but the beginning set up was a bit dodgy,but still it wasn't that apparent.But the transformation of Bogart's character in my opinion was speed ed up.I mean he trusts them with all he has at the beginning of the journey,and when they struck gold ,he turns vicious and paranoid the next second.What could cause that kind of transformation if the Bogart's Character is believed to the Desperate Poor Ordinary Man.But there are certain scenes that really establishes and reveals how minds can manipulate our senses with fear and suspicions.The Ending was predictable considering the way movie was going,about greed and all that.I knew they were bound to end up with nothing right when the old man elaborates the tricks that Gold can play at Negro Lodge scene.But there i thought the Character portrayed by Tim Holt to turn Bad and that of Bogart's to be the Good.And i really don't seem to understand what's so great about "..don't need no stinking badges" thing but that Gold Hat Bandit was awesome...He was funny and scary at the same time.Al said it is One of the bets movies that i have watched...and it definitely deserves the accolades showered upon it.But then,being a Bogart fan you can't afford to miss this one.


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