Friday, June 11, 2010

Memory Blip #1

Well it seems odd but i had this strange flashback of a School excursion trip when i was in like 8th grade.Our destination was Banglore via Mysore.It was when Brindavan Gardens used to be a big thing with it's wonderful light fountains and garden.I still have those Post cards with me of it.We were in the bus on our way.Either the Bus was small or we were too many,we didn't have enough seats.Some of us had to take turns to sit down.While as always my friends (who were few) didn't come so i was with my classmates.So i was alone and the disadvantage of being alone is the pain in the legs.But there were some good souls who were ready to squeeze in the limited seats they held.So we were on our way beginning with a bumpy ride at night.I was beginning to have second thoughts of my decision to come for the tour.But it was way past turn back.So i Just stood there silent ,hoping to lie on the floor with newspaper sheets on the floor.I had started to feel sleepy.The reason being me and my father went on a shopping blitzkrieg to buy some things just 3 hours before the trip.I did not have clothes or the accessories GOOD enough to be taken on a journey like this.Since i would be staying with my friends for the next 3 days or so,i didn't want them to think i was poor.I had previously informed my father about my necessities,but he kept holding it because he didn't have any money with him.On the day of tour he somehow managed the money and came to pick me up at school.Even though we were going on tour that day we still had to attend half day classes.
We somehow bought all the necessary items by doing a rounds in the shops,Father was pissed at me for not being quick enough and we also cut out somethings from our shopping list.We were running out of time and finally started for home in a jeep.I remember dad shouting at me in the Jeep for some reason i don't remember.The Only thing i remember is the Pain of Humiliation.There were lot of people in the Vehicle.Dad always went nuts when there was a audience no matter the time and place.But you get used to things like this over time.We reached home,packed things while mom and dad fought over what to take and not to.The size of the suitcase was also a problem as it couldn't pack much which meant we couldn't pack in all what we had bought.I could see dad's face turning red in anger and disappointment,but we didn't have much choice...or time.I had to be back at School all set within an hour.
Back there all those Boys and Girls looked very happy in their bright colored new clothes and hip looking Bags.Their Parents were there too to see them off.Me and my dad landed there in an Auto with my antique Suitcase which had my clothes peeking over it's edges.We were just in time before the boarding.Father reminded me to seat myself near the window so that I WON'T MISS A THING of the Sights.Sadly,there was none available.HELL there weren't any seats available,all taken.I didn't want my Father to know that i didn't get one.He would have made a scene with the Teachers demanding a seat for me.So i just sat in a seat reserved for the teachers for the time being until the Bus left.I waved to my Dad as if i was going on a voyage of the seven seas.For me it really was as i was breaking away from my repetitive pint sized world.
I was exhausted.I didn't hope my legs to hold any longer as they had already held enough for a day.The Whole bus slipped into silence as the night thickened.Now i could hear only slight hush-hush's and murmurs.I thought of requesting someone for their seats for a while but they were slowly slipping into sleep with their Walkman plugged in their ears .Now we had only the dim lights on and it was hard to see. I was slowly beginning to realize that i would not be able to sleep on the Bus floor until i had cleaned up the Coke the boys had spilled on the floor.I was thinking of borrowing a Walkman from one of the Boys so that i could survive the night on the floor.
She was sitting alone in a seat for two.I could see her beautiful face lit up by the close Dim Lights.She had a kind of Radiance around her in that Dark and Gloomy place.It was as if God had finally showered his mercy by offering me not only a seat but the company of a beautiful girl.We were not allowed to share seats with girls but her companion had squeezed herself with her friends in a three seater for the purpose of gossiping.She was like this cold Chocolate milk shake in the middle of the desert.I Had to act.
I went up to her.I was bad at interacting with Girls but i also was acting out of bare necessity.I wasn't interested in the flirting business..all i wanted was a seat to rest.She was enjoying herself,gently swaying her head with the Music from her Walkman.She was startled by my sudden approach.I inquired whether i could take the seat beside her.Her Beautiful face turned ugly with muted disgust and subtle anger.She replied her friend would be back any time soon in a gentle dissuading manner.I tried explaining to her that i was going to be there only for a while to relieve my legs off it's pain.But in vain.I moved disappointed back to the pole in the back of the bus which i was holding on to keep the Balance as the Bus was Jigging itself through the rough,curved roads.Well this is how it is...i thought to myself with pain of dejection and muscle strain.I once again looked up at the empty seat.This time another boy,a good looking rich spoiled Brat was standing there making the same request as mine to the girl.They were having a happy little chat unlike the intense one i had with her only moments earlier.This Guy already had a seat and that too a window one so i was kind of getting the point of where this was headed.After minutes of cajoling and flirting she allowed the rich handsome son of a bitch kid to sit beside her as the last of the dim lights went off.I sat there on the floor of the bus trying to spread my newspaper sheet thinking..Well I ain't a Beautiful and i ain't rich.It was foolish of me to even think of sitting next to HER.SHE thought look at this UGLY guy trying to earn a seat with me knowing that HE is nowhere near MY league...Some people forget THEIR Place...even when THEY only have to look in the mirror to remind THEMSELVES of who THEY really are...


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