Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plan 9 from Outer Space!

Ed Wood is a cinematic Masterpiece.This movie could have been a terrible comedy if the Studio executives had their way.But Tim Burton had made it into a touching drama of one man's quest to make Movies not with his brain but with his heart.I haven't seen any Edward Wood Junior classic but from what i saw in this movie I'm pretty what to expect.But what stands out is the Person ,the filmmaker with his inexhaustible source of confidence and his struggles to get his movie made.The Movie also tells the tale of the warm friendship that Ed shared with Acting legend Bela Lugosi and how he stood by him in his worst days of Morphine addiction.The Scene where Ed asks Lugosi to jump into the chilling water at 3'o clock in the morning to battle with Octopus tells us what it takes to be a Real Actor.He refuses at first to do the shot ,but when Ed explains his tight schedule for the night and having a sip of whiskey ,as soon as Ed shouts Action he jumps into the water without the slightest hesitation and gives one hell of a performance.I don't know whether Bela Lugosi was that good in the original but Martin Landau was awesome.Johnny Depp clearly makes an impression as the maverick director.It's a sad thing being branded the worst director of all time but for Ed wood junior it was a blessing in disguise.How many Bad directors have a Church named after them.I'm confused at all this late appreciation heaved upon his work. Is it plain sympathy for the Worst Director of all time or is it genuine appreciation of his efforts seen in a new perspective.


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