Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The TV People

There is a lot of things that i couldn't digest when i was watching this movie.Then again,it's just a movie.But there are so man things that doesn't make any sense or to be clear,the filmmakers had exaggerated or elaborated things to deliberately scare the audience.Now that's what i hate most in an horror movie,the calculated effort to make it scary whereas it should have come naturally.The Premise of an ordinary family falling into extraordinary events against the backdrop of ethically immoral ways of greedy Capitalists(Real Estate)is solid.But still the movie lacks a lot in plots ,after an impressive build up to the story,the movie sinks into obscurity.Poltergeist rings an alarm in you in those TV sequences,the baby girl getting trapped in the other world with only her Voice coming out of the TV,but other sequences like the tree thing was only good enough for the kids,i mean without all those embellishments ,and just holding on to the basic plot in a believable atmosphere would have made the movie an all time great,which still it is.They just chose to make it a PG Rated horror movie with lots of Corpses,Creatures,Demons,Scary toys etc.At the Beginning it had the chillness of eagerly listening to a spook bedtime story which wears off as the movie unfolds.One other thing that i totally hated while watching the movie was the interaction of the characters.The First one being her son is dragged out of his bed by a tree,Her 5 year old girl watching the entire thing ,whose in a state of shock,and still her mother leaves her there alone,not even trying to take her out of the room,she runs out to the front and stands there watching her husband trying to save their son from a carnivorous tree while she does nothing other than wailing out loud.Secondly her baby disappears from the house,with only her sound trapped in the Television and she takes it all so well ,she drinks,she shares jokes the next day of the happening,i mean if we are in a weird situation like that one coupled with what could be the loss of your baby girl would you be able to react the same way,i mean they need to show some kind of emotional imbalance or desperation in her,so that her pain is much more affecting,rather than just having her cry occasionally.And there is always some kind of communication breakdown between the characters ,to make the scenes more convoluted and also to turn up the pressure which i felt was tasteless.The Final Climax is more than baffling,she leaves her two kids all to themselves where the kids have witnessed scary unexplainable things(which seemed to have been erased from their memory in a couple of hours) ,her husband goes to office ,does not return even after it's dark,the wife goes for a bath leaving the kids alone int the same goddamn room as if there is no other.Weird!One more thing that I'm unable to comprehend is that the entire housing block was supposedly built on the cemetery,why only this house was being subjected to poltergeist activities if their entry door was television,which is a staple in households.Some times it's better to watch the movies with your Brain turned off.It makes a lot more sense like that.But then,horror movies are made not to make us think but to fear.


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