Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Takashi Miike's 1999 movie Audition is Provocative.But the movie is just beyond the climax.It begins as a simple family drama,allowing us to mingle with characters and is evenly paced.We do not get bored even when there is nothing much happening.Ryo Ishibashi and Eihi Shiina's performance is what makes the movie spectacular.Ryo's portrayal of a widowed man looking for love is believable and heart felt.His underplay of character magnifies the effect of the cruel torture unleashed upon him at the end.Eihi Shiina was mind blowing playing the Ice Cold Killa.She really makes you fall in love with her Just like Ryu's character with her soothing voice and stunning beauty and then it goes all the way down the negative once she reveals her real self.The Torture sequence being the sole reason for the movie still haunting our mind is simply Brutal.Comparing with the Hostel movies this ain't much of a Bloody affair and the sequence lasts for only about 20 minutes.If you are familiar with acupuncture you won't be that repelled by the initial needle piercing scene.Even though she explains that she had injected him with a pain accelerating thing in his body,making every needle go into his body like a knife. The Only graphic thing that i would say is graphic is the severing of head and foot with the wire that easily cuts through the bones.The Scene where she childishly severes his foot is bloody disgusting.The Movie comes alive only in the last 20 minutes of torture sequence interspersed with flashbacks and dreams trying to unravels what made her a fetish bitch.The Director ties the missing ends of the movie with a collage of events was cool.The Scene that actually made me go urghhh was the one where the girl regurgitates for the man in the sack.Man,that was gross.But that has not stopped me from watching Takashi Miike's notorious gore fest "ICHI THE KILLER".Bloody Disgusting.


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